Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Water is Life

At the farthest reaches of Hunter's Point where Lake Superior meets Copper Harbor, the big lake runs into the harbor, then out, then back again – life in constant regenerative motion. You can see it. Sit quietly and you can hear it, especially during the transition, when the big lake reverses course. That throws a hush over the entire natural world and the absence of sound alerts every sense that a momentous event is upon you.

On the hardest rock edges between land and sea where humans simply can't survive, life thrives...

I stand with Standing Rock. We all do. Even those who don't know it.


  1. Thank you, Frank. Just right for right now. xxoononnie

    1. I thought so too. A conversation with a friend reminded me of the footage. I didn't shoot much video during the Odyssey but when I looked down that day to see that amazingly hardy little tuft of grass growing where you wouldn't think it could, I about fell in love...

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    1. Thanks, TJ. It's a splendid, wild place that during my lifetime has been preserved.

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