Monday, June 25, 2012

Penokee - Explore the Iron Hills

Came off the road, shaved, practiced tick removal then donned semi-fancy duds and gentleman's shoes to go off & mingle with the public for the better part of four hours. Talk about your culture shock.

The opening at the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center of the exhibition Penokee - Explore the Iron Hills went off with nary a hitch. A presentation in the Center's auditorium kicked things off. It was exceptionally gratifying when additional chairs needed to be brought in to accommodate an overflow crowd.

A highlight of the presentation was a performance by Zachary Hartlev of the Bad River Ojibwa. The lighting in the clip's not so good and I apologize for the sudden relocation of the camera near the beginning, but damned if young Zach didn't shed on the proceedings a full complement of perfect light all his own:

Later, everyone moved upstairs to view the exhibition. And quite the show it is.

Of the refreshments provided, I dared sample the garlic rope cheese and still went out to mingle. No harm done, it seemed. Or maybe folk were just too darned polite to hold their nose, I dunno.

Now that I've viewed the entire collection, I'm doubly honored to keep company with such a skilled, insightful and diverse group of creatives. The educational and artistic aspects of the exhibition are each fully realized and each informs the other, which combination makes for an exceptional show.

And if perchance you won't make it but care to check out my and others contributions all the same, start here.

Penokee - Explore the Iron Hills will be in residence at the Northern Great Lakes Visitors Center through January, 2013. Should you find yourself in the area, by all means stop in. I guarantee it'll prove worth your time.


Appearances deceive.

Despite the landscape now being resolutely green, with the Solstice now behind us the downslide toward another winter is already begun. There're many more miles for us to travel together and much yet for me to do before the Northwoods is again cloaked in ice, so now it's back to work...

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