Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Break...

My plan for this project has always been to put up fresh material at least once a week each & every week for the duration, come what may. Since I’m asking you to come along for the ride, it’s on to me to keep your interest.

As it happens, I unexpectedly (though happily) must travel to Utah to honor a longstanding collaborative effort now drawing to a close. So I’ll be off our road after today and on that road into April.

During my years in the photo industry, I was a commercial deadline driven multitasking lab rat of note and that remnant part of me now desires nothing more than to plow on through regardless. But the simple truth is, by this morning next week I’ll have risen before the sun to step out from a cabin and into the glories of Zion National Park. Having never before traveled out west, there’s every expectation I’ll be lost in abject wonder.

I won’t cheat myself of that or Heather of my full participation in it. Neither will I ever cheat you and this project of my proper attention. So the blog’ll just have to idle quietly in my absence and that’s that.


If you’ve been here before, I encourage you to take the opportunity and noodle around for what you might’ve missed. If you’ve just come across this project, please feel free to dig deep. The basic premises are laid out, there’s already plenty to look at and once I return the narrative will grow richer with every mile traveled together through the complex wilderness of the Superior Basin.

I've also added a resource page to the right hand sidebar that puts all the hot links used for these essays in one categorized list for convenient edification & amusement.

In the meantime -- and considering it’ll then be full on April -- here’s a selection of never before seen images lifted from field work done during previous springs. Though large format film is an ideal means to capture botanicals, I've only rarely shown this work because it fell outside my core portfolio. Besides, it’s a field crowded with both well established pros and amateurs alike. And as it turns out, there are formal rules for shooting flowers. What I do with them out in the field rarely conforms to those.

So here’re some botanicals meant to hold the fort in my absence; all taken during the last few seasons with only “Marsh Marigolds” not captured on large format chrome. It’s nice to finally have an opportunity to share some of these.

And with this being something of the ‘winter that never was’, maybe by the time we’re again on the road there’ll be fresh flowers everywhere to greet us.

See you soon…

Apple Orchard -- Bayfield County, WI

Marsh Marigolds (Caltha palustris) -- Gogebic County, MI

Great White Trillium (Trillium grandiflorum) -- Gogebic County, MI

Apple Tree & Cabin -- Bayfield County, WI

Forget Me Not (Myosotis sylvatica) -- Gogebic County, MI

Two Trillium -- Gogebic County, MI

Apple Orchard 2 -- Bayfield County, WI

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