Thursday, November 24, 2011

Splendid Isolation

This being family time, I’ll not burden you with much of me but please be sure to check in next week as I’ll have my first profile and it’s of an authentic living legend, someone who perhaps you’ve never heard of, but will be better off for having met.

If you don’t turn your face to the sun on the occasion it shows itself during a long hard winter, you’re like to forget it was ever there or will be again. And then maybe you’ll miss it when next it shines squarely upon you.

For myself, this season I’m especially thankful to my wife Heather McKelly, with whom I’ve shared Northwoods adventures now for some 33 years all told. When first I came up with the concept for this gig, it was Heather who was all in from the get go. So it’s because of my wife that I now get to work in such splendid isolation, to challenge myself to present the Superior Basin in all its complex history and rich glories, both past and present.

And at the moment I’m particularly thankful for these. If you’ve read “Where Eagles (Almost) Dare” you’ll understand why. Take that, ye Great White Bird:

Anyway, sometimes things said simplest are said best, so today I’ll just offer this. Left for us by an anonymous donor at an abandoned ‘black granite’ quarry in Ashland County WI and presented here in my sincere wish that it’s as true for you as it is for me, at least for today and maybe even as often as not…

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